Getting to know the task

An hour or two meeting to tell us the problem that you want to solve, giving us the basic necessary information and where we discuss the proposals and variants of the solution.

Functional analysis and solution proposal

At this stage, we get to know all the processes related to the problem we are dealing with. We come to you and analyze all the points, approaches and departments that will be involved in the new process. This usually takes 1-3 days and it is necessary that all people and services that will work with the new process or product are available to us in those days.
After the analysis, we prepare a proposal for a solution and a basic specification.
This phase is paid, the price for it is negotiated after getting to know the task phase and it depends on the complexity of the task and the time that we agree to dedicate to this phase.

After this phase, we will give you a detailed proposal, in fact often two or three proposals, with a plan of realization, deadlines, terms of exploitation and indicative price.

If you agree with the proposal, we are switching to an implementation phase which consisting of three phases:

Super detailed analysis of the existing system, the same one that was done in step two but now to the smallest detail and complete specification of the new system. After this phase, depending on the new issues that appear during the detailed analysis, the need for correction of the previously stated indicative price may be necessary. Usually this is not or is in the range of 10-15% of the indicative price.

Coding, testing, training. This phase is done by our engineers, and in the final phase of testing and training, your people, future users of the system, are involved.

Deployment, release of the system into production.

The whole process takes, depending on the complexity, from 4-8 weeks.

System maintenance.

By paying the amount from the contract, you become the owner of each part of each instance of the product installed on your system and the have the right to use every procedure that has been introduced to you. It is up to you to decide whether you will continue to maintain the product yourself or leave the maintenance to us.
If a company already has a strong IT department then it makes sense to continue with the maintenance of the system itself (we do training and this is within the contract).
The second option is that maintenance remains with us for a monthly fee in accordance with the complexity of the embedded system. This price is in a range from 100 to 2000 e per month.

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